Wedding decoration with flowers by Novikov Group

What is contemporary in 2019? Without doubt, the leading position is occupied by classic. Powder, pink, purple and of course white colors. Also this year, as in the last few ones, large decorative elements remain topical: giant flowers, immense compositions of flowers, hanging floral chandeliers. Style rustic also continues to be popular. Great attention is now paid to the details. After all, a wedding is a story of two loving hearts. We think carefully about every item. With the help of flowers and decoration, you can tell a lot.

Whether it’s a forest fairy-tale wedding or a classical one in white and pink colors, none of them will be celebrated without flowers. In 2019, it will be appropriate to decorate your wedding with many flowers or with small floral elements. Much attention should be paid to photography. Photo zone can be designed according to the wedding’s concept, or it can tell a very different story. Here we also recommend to pay attention to the details and decorative elements.

Florists of “Flower Studio 55” are professionals. We will create for you the perfect decoration for your perfect day.

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