The gardening of summer verandas, cafes and restaurants

Special discount of 10% for landscaping and decoration of summer verandas for restaurants and cafes!

Cafes and restaurants’ landscaping is the creation of an oasis, where there is always a cool summer day in and where the feeling of freshness does not leave visitors.

Outdoor terraces, summer cafes and restaurant verandas are very popular in the warm season. Everyone wants to change the noise of the city to the rustle of green leaves and to move from the dusty metropolis to the blooming garden, to feel the coolness and to gain the strength.

For landscaping verandas and terraces are suitable flowering and decorative-deciduous plants that are less capricious to take care for and resistant to weather changes. You can emphasize the composition with the help of flower vases and outdoor pots, that can be made of different materials.

Our experience in the sphere of floral design is more than 14 years. During this time we have been developing the style of work which is based on professionalism, actual knowledge and techniques, and love to the business.

We are ready to offer you the already prepared landscaping projects, as well as to develop a new unique design that will emphasize the dignity of your cafe or restaurant, that will be remembered by the visitors. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions.

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