100 ml

Legendary perfume, equally suitable for women and men, with notes of iris and vetiver, neroli, as well as a slight hint of moss. Charismatic, subtle, unique fragrance. For the woman that lurks in every man, and for the man that lies inside every woman. Reveals the unspoken, inspires the impossible.
The story of an unforgettable acquaintance in the iconic London club.

He and she… She and me… Which of the two who met at the swanky London club “Mahiki” would have recognized themselves that night? Is unknown. But this is the magic of nature. To meet a kindred spirit, to feel the common chemistry. The attraction of opposites that arises in bright and subtle natures, an ideal fusion of soul and body, full of passion and sensuality.

They smell of perfume with sweet notes of iris and vetiver, with a hint of neroli and moss.

Fragrance for two…

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