100 ml

The invigorating freshness of ylang-ylang and jasmine combined with relaxing floral aromas of tiare and orange and a trail of sandalwood and benzoin.
The story of a Brazilian enchantress with a melodious name Maria de Sosa, who found her own way to conquer hearts.

Have you ever heard of a Brazilian witch named Maria de Solsa? She has nothing in common with witches from fairy tales. On the contrary, she is a modern woman, a beauty for whom men are ready to die… or accept eternal damnation. I met her in Moscow, in one of the most closed nightclubs. She was selling a love potion there, which no one could resist… A dangerous thing — my friend managed to fall in love with a rather unpleasant type. In this bubble is her love elixir – captivating floral notes of ylang-ylang and different varieties of jasmine, which are magically combined with sandalwood and orange.
It is impossible to resist this potion …

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