100 ml.

These perfumes have a deep woody-amber aroma. The top notes are rose, violet petals and raspberry. In the middle are dark cedar chords with tantalizing notes of white musk, oud wood and vanilla. The personal story of an Arab princess.

The East is bright colors and the world of fairy tales, and the theme of love here is shrouded in mystery. They said there was a young princess who lived in the world, more beautiful than all the stars in the sky. She slept in her sarcophagus for many centuries, but one day…

In August 2015 in Dubai, at the reception desk in the amazing Burj El Arab Hotel, a woman appears next to me, more beautiful than the stars in the sky. Her beauty and naturalness makes my eyes swim. Her life moved in a vicious circle until she met true love. I am enchanted by her captivating scent with delicate woody-amber chords, notes of vanilla and musk. I can’t help but talk to her.

Oh, this princess fragrance…

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